Build on a strong foundation

Lift Strategic Partners takes the trial and error out of growth. Building from your strengths and sharpening your focus for tomorrow requires additional research, planning, and expertise. By executing proven strategies and connecting companies to highly viable prospects and funding sources, Lift Strategic Partners puts you on the fast track to success.

Lets build a roadmap together.

At Lift, we pride ourselves in keeping pace with a wide range of industry trends in the housing and lending markets.

We listen to you goals and guide you through an objective review process that will confirm and highlight aspects of your business that need focus. From there we will identify key elements and metrics to drive and measure your success.  

Our goal is to make sure that your defined value to the market and potential customers is delivered and executed.  

The question is…are you ready?

Growing businesses need to reach more customers, and institutional clients and partnerships can be transformational.

We work tirelessly to ensure that you are prepared in order to maximize introductions to meaningful institutional prospects.  Leveraging our deep and developed network of investment banks, commercial banks, lenders, servicers, and private equity firms will elevate and expand your brand awareness quickly.

Too many platforms waste important opportunities because they don’t effectively prepare or understand institutional decision-making processes.  We guarantee that doesn’t happen on our watch, with our network.

Helping you focus and refine.

Let’s assess and discuss what is getting in the way of closing deals.  Our strong relationships with institutional clients allow us to quickly get meaningful feedback for your product.  

Scaling your solution is no easy task.  We will help you refine your offering and identify various routes to market with clear ROI targets for your customers.  Onboarding and customer journeys help make sure your customers are prepared and satisfied.

From there, we can help you clarify your message and develop solutions that increase your conversion ratios and work toward industry adoption.

Finding the right partners.

Whether you are looking for your next round of funding or planning for the exit of your operating company, Lift can help you identify the ideal partner.  

Rely on experience to ensure a successful transaction.

Trading and sales is in our DNA. We help fund managers source performing and non-performing residential assets that meet their investment criteria.

We also work with lenders and servicers in search of liquidity and longer term strategic partnerships.

Leverage our trusted network of banks, funds, private equity, lenders, and servicers that know we operate with the highest levels of integrity and discretion.  

Defeat inertia. Start executing today.

Choose a partner who can help you define and reach your growth targets.
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